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ten in two

I stumbled across a blog the other day and one post stopped me in my tracks. It was just what I had been thinking I should be doing with my life... Only the writer was actually doing it!

I really, really want you to have a read. It's short.
Here's the link to the post. Go on, read it now - I'll be here when you get back.

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Good isn't it?

I think he's summed up pretty clearly what were trying to do at Wellfield. His challenge is to help ten people get to know Jesus and become Christians and his timescale for doing that is two years.

Do you remember at growth group when we were talking about where we'd like to be when Wellfield is five years old? That's two years off, almost exactly.

Who is up for the challenge?

I think having 'ten in two' as our main goal (both as individuals and as a Church) would absolutely transform Wellfield. It would totally change our priorities, wouldn't it?

We will have to rethink how we use our time, our service, our homes. Our prayer lives will change. It will affect the choices we make for our kids and our friendships.

But we'll be in it together - You get to know my mates, I get to know yours and we share Jesus together.

So, each of us aiming at ten people in two years? Are you up for it?

I'll post again later in the week with some ideas for how we could do it and with some encouragement if, like me, you read this challenge and felt like hiding for the next two years instead.