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Godly saints and old hags

Fron Mark's sermon this morning:

There are two types of old lady, aren't there? The lovely type... and the other. If you want to end up as the lovely, godly type, start practising now! Olive Bell, whose funeral was this week, was one of the first type. She was lovely. I remember her talking about when she and Ray had their son, how they lived in one room, with a curtain to pull across after the baby went to bed! It was one of her many fond memories!

Her granddaughter asked her to write answers to a load of questionsin her old age. One of the questions was this: "what's the best advice you could give to a younger person?", and her answer was this: "always be optimistic; look on the bright side; the Lord will provide and be with us always."

That's a lesson to our whinging generation. One for me anyway.