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Book review: "Bringing up Boys" - James Dobson

I've only read five chapters, and I love it already. Having said that, I wasn't expecting anything else. James Dobson is one of the best Christian authors on the family and parenthood around. Some classics well worth reading are "The strong willed child", "Dare to discipline", and "What wives wish their husbands knew about women".

Some quotes from chapter 5 of "Bringing up Boys":

"Historically, when the family begins to unravel in a given culture, everything from the effectiveness of government to the general welfare of the people is adversely impacted.....the future of Western civilisation depends on how we handle this present crisis...Nations that are populated largely by immature, immoral, weak-willed, cowardly, and self-indulgent men cannot and will not long endure."

"We must make the necessary investment to counter these influences and to build within our boys lasting qualities of character, self-discipline, respect for authority, commitment to the truth, a belief in the work ethic, and an unshakeable love for Jesus Christ."

Very helpful. We know the challenges of our particular culture, and we know the challenges of our particular children! Perhaps we don't apreciate the likely consequences of our efforts with them now. An encouragement to all christian parents to keep at it, and to those whose kids are boys, a challenge in the face of a huge social attack on manhood and masulinity, to nurture healthy character in our sons.