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The amazing evening with Heather Henderson!

Ok - first, we shouldn't have said 'Jungle'; we should have said 'Rainforest'. That's what it's called these days. But it's still full of orangutans (make sure you pronounce it right), snakes, frogs and poison dart blowpipes. And Heather told us some unforgettable stories about her birth and childhood in Borneo, and the work of God through her parents and other Christians there.

Chewing it over, there are a few things that stand out to me for us to take to heart:

First, the good news of Jesus really is good news. To hear of people - intelligent people, as Heather kept reminding us - who's world-view caused them to malnourish children, head-hunt their neighbours and live in constant fear of the spirit world, and then to enjoy such freedom when hearing the gospel ... - Well, it should remind us that that good news is the very thing everyone needs to hear.

Second, the church isn't limited to a certain culture. It's not a Western thing, and certainly not part of colonialism. And therefore it's not limited to a certain region, or class, or type of person. In fact, that's obvious even at Wellfield, isn't it? All sorts of people become Christians, no matter what our background.

Third, everyone who came loved it, I think (! - comments welcome!). That tells me that plenty of people around are dead interested in real life stories of God at work. People are interested to hear that God isn't just an idea in an old book or former generation. He's alive and active - and people are willing to hear about that. It's good for us too as we share that message of Jesus to remember how he's worked in our lives and is working still.