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May news

There have been some real highlights over the last few weeks. There was the Heather Henderson evening, with wonderful stories of God’s power and grace in Borneo, as well as a clear testimony of the gospel to so many of our friends and visitors. Several guests have never been to church before. Others spoke sincerely of their intention to find out more.

Before that, we had the Weekend Away. On top of the usual joy of proper time together (which is a good thing, isn’t it!), Jonathan and Lynda Milton-Thompson are something special. At least for now, my prayers have taken on a little more urgency, confidence and clear thinking as I remember what’s worth praying for.

In terms of praying for our church, I outlined a couple of things I thought we need to particularly work towards as a church in the near future:

1) We need people who can own ministries. I’m thrilled at things like the Tuesday Group and the Toddler Group - and those who’ve taken them on. But most of us are pretty stretched with what we’re already doing, and I’m not sure we can start much else without new people to lead. Sadly for us, Grace (who we met at the Weekend) has accepted a role at a church in her native Liverpool. I'm sure that is right for her. But you could pray for a certain man who is very keen to join us. I think it would also be good to have a female ‘Community Families Worker’.

2) There are some particularly fragile areas in our church - and without addressing them I think there may be problems in years to come. The three I’m thinking of in particular are:
  • 20s. It’s lovely to have a few, and we are only a small church. But like attracts like, especially in that age bracket. Just a few more would achieve a healthy social group who can be active in ministry together.
  • Youth. How wonderful (and unbelievable) to have 2XS established. But it needs more sustainable leadership.
  • Men. We’ve generally been quite strong with ‘working men’. But we lose them quickly too. I would like to work towards a deliberate ministry to reach more.
Please pray on!

With love, Mark