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No peace for the wicked

There’s no peace for the wicked!

My Nan used to say that. I bet yours did too. It’s one of those things that only really sounds right in your nan’s voice! But did you know it’s from the bible?

Isaiah 57:21 - “There is no peace,” says my God, “for the wicked.”

And in the bible, it has a very specific meaning.

The previous few sentences define those words very clearly:

The ‘wicked’ are those who say ‘no’ to Jesus. God warns people to turn to him,
but they won’t listen. He reaches out to us in mercy, but we stubbornly refuse him.
Instead we seek satisfaction in anything but him. That is the ultimate evil, isn’t it? -
Refusing the God who is infinitely big and infinitely good. After all he’s done for us!

‘Peace’ is the comfort of a life that is healed, restored - it’s the true satisfaction of
knowing that all is well. But the wicked can never have it, because whilst you say ‘no’
to Jesus, you can never have the life we were made for. Anything else we try to find
satisfaction in lets us down.

The good news is that peace can be had by turning from this one wickedness: stop
saying ‘no’ to Jesus, and receive his gift of life. I’m so pleased that peace can be had -
and it’s so simple!