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Better than you think

“I will give them an everlasting name that will endure for ever.”
(Isaiah 56:5)

When you look on the surface of things, it doesn’t look like Christians are better off than anyone else. We look just the same as everyone else - and in some ways worse off, because people think of us as ‘losers’ for being Christians! Yeah, well. That’s why we need to look beneath the surface to what we’ve really got.

Isaiah 56 was written 2,600 years ago about God’s chosen people when they were
slaves in Babylon. They looked like losers. But God says, ‘They’re still my people.
And because they’re mine, they’ve got more than people realise: they’ve got life
forever with me.’

It’s the same today. For a Christian, life is better than you think - because you’ve
got more than you can see. If you follow Jesus, you’ve got life forever. How good is