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Love your brain!

We’re all supposed to hate a ‘boff’. Even in church, it’s the worst thing to us when someone’s all theory and no practice, or when there’s an egg-head that no-one can understand.

And yes, Jesus agrees that it’s not all about knowing stuff, but putting it into practice.

But here’s the point: we live in an anti-intellectual culture. And it’s bad when we bring school or TV attitudes into our Christian life. Our brain, our thinking, is to be transformed like every other part of us. In fact, it goes further than that.

Get your head round Romans 12v2 (if you can be bothered):
“Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.”

Head to heart to hands
How do our lives get changed? How do we become more Christ-like? Did you know, it all starts in the head? Getting our thinking straight is the way to get everything else straight. It goes: head, to heart, to hands.

So let’s change some of our clichés, shall we?:

‘What I need isn’t more information - it’s putting it into practice!’
… No - what I need is to get my head so clear that I will put it into practice.

‘Why do we need to think so deep? Why can’t we just have a simple point?’
… No - I want to repent of my laziness, and be stretched, and grow - because Christ is so wonderful!

‘What people need is just the simple gospel, nothing more.’
… Yes, but - the clearer I can get it in my head, the better equipped I will be to tell people how they can be saved.

Christians: love your brain.
  • Repent of laziness in this area.
  • Use the great resources we have.
  • Don’t leave reading to the so-called ‘natural readers’.
  • God has given us endless wonders to discover - so discover them!