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‘Let them come to me!’

“Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.”

In Luke 18v16, People are bringing babies to Jesus. But his disciples stop them. 'He's too busy for you! He's got more important people to deal with!' So Jesus gives his disciples a rocket. He tells them they've totally misunderstood everything he stands for. What a bunch of idiots!

But do we do the same?

Children aren't the only issue here. People who are ‘small’ in any sense are the very people he came for. Babies, children, ‘sinners’, the unrespectable, disabled, disturbed, addicts, perverts, people with baggage and pain and mess in life... They're small people. He came to rescue them.

Small people are the people who want and need the life, forgiveness, joy and peace that Jesus brings. They love everything he stands for! But what stops them coming to him? Disciples. The church.

What will Jesus say to churches that stop people coming to Jesus?
What will he say to churches that twist the truth? That make him seem boring? That make people uncomfortable or out of place?

What will Jesus say to Christians who don’t want to be friendly with others?
What will he say to Christians who don’t make Jesus attractive to others? Who aren’t interested in people? Who won’t show them who Jesus is? Who distort Jesus by their own lives?

Have you had the experience of wanting to find out about Jesus, but being put off by the church?

For my part, I am sorry for the times I have stood in the way of others.