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Where have all the Mormons gone?

A while ago, we had Mormon missionaries all over us. They were calling at all our doors, and bumping into us in the streets, almost as if they were ... well, targetting us. They even visited Wellfield. But we haven't had any for a few months now. I hope they haven't forgotten us.

It's not that I enjoy the discussions, particularly, or that I like 'taking people on'. I don't. But my heart breaks for these guys. If they're not meeting Christians, what hope have they got of considering that what they're taught by their organisation might not actually be true? They're not allowed to doubt what they're taught - if they do, they might lose their salvation! The devastating irony!: they are not being led to salvation! If only they were allowed to engage with us, instead of being whisked off as soon as they start looking at the bible for themselves.

So, come on Wellfield - let's pray for new opportunities to connect with these young people who are so trapped. And let's be grateful for the "truth which sets us free".