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Climate change: can it be stopped?

UN climate talks are drawing to a close in Durban. It is feared that India, China and the USA will find that time has conveniently run out before there is time to sign the agreements. Meanwhile, many people in poor countries are facing disaster, almost certainly because of excessive global carbon-emission.

The issues are extremely complex, and it would be silly to comment with so little insight. But closer to home, an interesting observation: fuel prices have rocketed; we are being told that supplies will start running low; and yet there are more 4x4s around than ever!

Here's the universal issue of the human heart: when push comes to shove, sinful people care for no-one but themselves. To illustrate - if there was a food shortage in Leyland, do you think people would hold back and share it evenly? Or do you think Tesco would be carnage until everything's been grabbed? It's the same with natural resources - if it's running out, I'll grab mine.

One of the most telling comments you hear is from older people who say, 'At least I won't be around to see it'. Is that how much people care about their grandchildren?

Sin. 'When things get tight, I'll grab what I can.' We should pray for the world leaders discussing climate change, that by God's grace much suffering would be avoided (1 Timothy 2:1-4). But we can't be optimistic about people's good will; the human heart is selfish (Galatians 5:20). Ultimately, people destroy one another. The best thing we can do in the face of these overwhelming issues is point people to Christ, that sinful hearts would be turned around. As we do that - the work Jesus gave us, Matthew 28:19 - we're doing the most significant work in the world.