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"Why do Christians take everything so personally with Christ?"

Has Larry David got a point? Why should Christians get so up tight about people's attitudes to Jesus? This clip summarises beautifully what people think about Christians getting so passionate about Jesus.

I'm not going to go all serious in response to a comedian. We know there are many reasons why Christians should tell people to follow Jesus. It's not like liking lobster. But here's the problem: - it's not that we have to prove him wrong; it's that we Christians actually agree with him! We know what people think: we know they think we're being too pushy with our personal opinions. So what do we do? We stay quiet. If they don't like lobster: fine. If they don't like Jesus: fine.

They won't understand why we must talk about him and tell people to follow him. But we do understand. We don't want to upset people; but let's remember what we know as we keep 'going on' about him! Who knows how many Larry Davids there are out there who've never heard a reasonable answer to their objection?