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Do what you want - as long as it doesn't affect me

It's the motto of the day. How many times have you heard that? How often have you thought it? Here's a long quote, but worth it - it's Dr James Dobson in a Q&A session:
"Question: Tell me why I shouldn't be totally free to do anything I want, as long as my behaviour doesn't affect anyone else.
Answer: Nothing that you do is without influence on others. To illustrate this fact, let me ask you to take in a deep breath of air and hold it for a moment. The air that you inhaled contains at least three nitrogen atoms which were breathed by every human being who ever lived; literally, a portion of that same vilume of air was inhaled by Jesus Christ, Abraham Lincoln, Leonardo da Vinci, and Winston Churchill. In fact, your breath also contained at least three nitrogen atoms which were breathed by each of the dinosaurs of ancient times. Every living thing interacts with every other creature on earth, and the smallest act can reverberate for centuries.
Let me illustrate this interaction further. Suppose in the year 1500, a seemingly insignificant event served to delay sexual intercourse in a couple who produced a child. By delaying conception, even by five minutes, it is likely that a different sperm cell would have penetrated the egg in the mother. That would mean that a different person would have been born as a result of that minute interference. Ther is a 50-50 chance that the sex would not even have been the same. Then, the influences of the person who might have been would be replaced by the impact of the person who was actually conceived, multiplied day by day throughout his lifetime. How many other conceptions would the replacement alter in a sixty-year period? It is impossible to measure, but the impact of that original act would echo through the decades, perhaps resulting in a totally different population on earth than exists today. Just imagine, for example, how different the world would have been today if Adolf Hitler's sibling had been conceived instead of the tyrannical dictator.
In short, it is incredible foolish to think we can do anything without affecting our associates and fellow citizens on this earth. For this reason I react with irritation to the idiotic motto of the dropout culture, 'If it feels good - do it.'"
Go, Dr Dobson - such wisdom, once again.