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I believe in a God of love!

I went to the 'Evangelists Conference' yesterday. The speaker was Sinclair Ferguson. (A Gordon Brown look-a-like ... and sound-a-like.) He made the point that when people say, 'I believe in a God of love', the honest answer is usually, 'No you don't.'

See, if you really believed in a God of love, you'd adore him and entrust everything to him; he'd be your passion and your life. The truth is, we generally believe the same lie that Eve fell for in the garden: that God is not being good to us. He doesn't have our best interests at heart. The truth more often is, 'I believe in a spoilsport God, a cruel God.'

Even as Christians, whenever we do our thing, instead of obeying God, we're doing the same thing: we're saying we don't believe God is good. Even after he's proved his love by sending his Son to die for us, we still hold back from him. What a bunch of eegits.