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The Hurt Locker

Last night, Martyn, Jonathan and me watched 'The Hurt Locker'. Brilliant film. One tragic line:

Sambourne says to James, 'How do you do it? How do you keep putting your life on the line day after day?' (Or words to that effect.) James replies: 'I guess I don't think about it.'

People were dying all the time in Iraq - and still in Afghanistan. How can you not think about it?! To suddenly die and face eternity; no turning back then! Isn't it mad that soldiers like that are willing to die but don't think about it, whilst Christians know exactly what the future holds beyond death, and have a 'sure and certain hope'... and yet we're not so ready to die?

This film made me just want to say to people, 'It is possible to think about it - and still face death!'