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A new Christian

Had a great conversation with my brother this week. Turns out that he and my sis-in-law know a Hindu-background couple through NCT classes 2 years ago. The wife has been coming along to a few church things, notably Christianity Explored, and recently asked my sis-in-law to baptise her, immediately, on her confession of faith! The result was my sis-in-law baptising her in the paddling pool, I think with a few others there. What a great story! It inspired me about my own contacts with people who don't trust in Jesus. I should be more confident to say things like "you know I'm a christian. What do you think about it?" and that sort of thing. Having confidence in what I believe and knowing that even if I don't have all the answers, God does. And GREAT of my sis-in-law not to have hang-ups about baptism and what's "allowed". We need to pray for the Hindu hubby now, that as a family they would be living with Jesus as their king.