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Why you should give 'Christianity Explored' a go

Well, the ladies' group has been going 2 or 3 weeks now, and they're having a great time. The men's group will start on Sunday evenings (8pm) a couple of weeks from now. The question is, why would a normal man in his right mind want to come along to a church group, even if it is in a barn, and watch a dvd about Jesus?

I'd like to give you 7 reasons why you should...

1. You've got to find out about Jesus at some point in your life.
He's too big a figure to ignore for ever. No-one's changed the world like he has. No-one's shaped our culture like he has. And if he's real - then apparently we're going to meet him when we die, as our judge! Why not find out about him now?

2. Jesus changes people for the better.
Sure, you've met some nut-job somewhere who you wished would shut up about Jesus. But on the whole, people's lives function better when they come to know him. He's good; and he brings good.

3. Jesus makes men into real men.
For some reason, we think the real men are the ones who would never go near a church. But at some point in life, we realise nobody's that cool. Everyone's a plonker really. But when you discover Jesus, you discover he's not a hippie in a dress. He's everything a man should be. And he makes his followers real men too. (Apart from the women.)

4. It deals with our biggest problems.
Whatever we think our big problems are, there's one beneath them - an underlying issue at the heart of everything that's wrong. Until you know what it is, you can't find the solution. Come and find out!

5. It's honest.
Sometimes we fear that some church 'group' will try and brainwash us. Maybe some do. (I don't think anything at Wellfield does.) Christianity Explored is ok with people disagreeing, or asking awkward questions, or taking time to chew over what we hear.

6. It's a dvd.
... So if you want to disagree with anything, or don't get anything, the person presenting it doesn't get offended! In a way, you can say what you want.

7. Loads of other people have loved it.
Loads from Wellfield. And all over the country. The world, in fact. Actually, tons of people would say it's been really life-changing, and they wished they'd come years ago. Check out some clips and testimonials etc at