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Value your local church!

Some words from a friend's letter, after returning from a country in Asia:

"[Here's] what ‘church’ means to Christians in that country.  They take it immensely seriously.  It’s not a question of “I might go to church if I can” but “Of course I meet with other believers … if I can”.  The main thing that stops them meeting together is persecution – eg unbelieving family members making it impossible.  They always begin meetings with a meal, then pray about each others’ needs. Each week they talk about who they’ve spoken with about Jesus, and pray for them. They sing – but only whispering, because they mustn’t be found out. That’s why every week, they meet in a different place, at a different time, lest someone finds out and reports them.  The Bible teaching alternates between a sermon and a bible study."

Grateful for what we've got? Do we value church like that?