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The well of depression

One comment yesterday morning:

“When the black clouds are over you, and you get depression, it’s like living down the bottom of a well. All you can see when you look up is a tiny circle of sky. What you can’t see is that up there, there’s a whole load of sky all around.”

Have you ever experienced that feeling, with depression - or when life gets on top of you? Hannah helps us…

1 Samuel 1 tells the story of Hannah - a young woman who starts off with a very heavy black cloud over her life. But the story teaches us:

  • God cares. He’s watching. He knows. He sees not just Hannah’s ‘barrenness’, but the barrenness of his people at the time. He’s got a plan to sort it out.
  • Therefore, prayer is worthwhile. Humbling herself still further, Hannah cries out to God. In doing so, she remembers that, even though she can’t see it yet, there is a vast sky overhead, not just a tiny circle of light in her dark world. She remembers God is real, almighty, kind and loving to his people, and faithful to his promises. Prayer changes her perspective, so that she becomes ambitious for God’s glory, not just her own particular need.