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Can't handle talking about Jesus?

Bishop Handley Moule (1841-1920) comments on the closeness of relationships we were looking at in Philippians 1:

“If I mistake not, there is far too little of this at present, even in true Christian circles. A certain dread … of what is foolishly called ‘goody-goody,’ has long been abroad; a grievously exaggerated dread; a mere parody of rightful jealousy for sincerity in religion. Under the baneful spell of this dread it is only too common for really earnest Christians to keep each other’s company, and even to take part in united religious work, and to be constantly together as worshippers, aye, perhaps as ministers of the Word and Ordinances of Christ, and yet never, or hardly ever, to exchange a word about Him, heart to heart; still less to ‘speak often one to another,’ and share fully together their treasures of experience of what He is and what He has done for them. The very dialect of the Christians life has greatly lost in holy depth and tenderness, so it seems to me … It ought not so to be.”

Still the case?