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John Calvin on 'trials'

John Calvin
John Calvin (1509-1564) was a man who knew all about suffering. But here's what he said to those who accused the Reformers, the preachers of the true gospel, of stirring up trouble:

"Here is, as it were, a certain characteristic of the divine Word, that it never comes forth while Satan is at rest and sleeping. This is the surest and most trustworthy mark to distinguish it from lying doctrines, which readily present themselves, are received with attentive ears by all, and are listened to by an applauding world...

Thus for some centuries ... Satan lay idle and luxuriated in deep repose. For what else had he to do but jest and sport, in tranquil and peaceable possession of his kingdom? Yet when the light shining from on high in a measure shattered his darkness, when that 'strong man' had troubled and assailed his kingdom [Luke 11:22], he began to shake off his accustomed drowsiness and to take up arms."

How encouraged we should be when the world begins to rise up against the true preaching of the gospel! How encouraged we should be when all seems to conspire against us! Let us not wimp out when things get tough!