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The end of apathy

On the point about the cross bringing an end to our apathy, yesterday, here's a quote from Spurgeon on being 'A good soldier of Christ' (2 Timothy 2:3):

"The true soldier is an ambitious being. He pants for honour, seeks for glory. On the field of strife he gathers his laurels, and amidst a thousand dangers he reaps renown. The Christian is fired by higher ambitions than any earthly warrior ever knew. He sees a crows that can never fade. He loves a King who best of all is worthy to be served."

I confess I feel pretty flat sometimes on a Sunday after we've all met together. I did yesterday - in spite of many things that should have lifted me, I was just conscious of things that weren't as I wished: people who I'd prayed for, but weren't there, etc. But I should obey my own sermon, and these words are a good reminder - press on! You're a soldier serving a good master. Who ever said it would all go your way? Who ever said it would be easy to serve him? If a few disappointments made a soldier give up, where would that leave him?