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Clear vision in Rwanda

Some friends in Rwanda (above) recently wrote the following:
Determine [a Rwandan Christian] talked of the genocide back in 1994 and how it had had a devastating effect on his life – he spoke of how he had lost the will to live because he had seen so much death at the hands of his own people and tribe. He came to the conclusion that the only thing worth living for was those who were still living in Rwanda – that they would not experience a second death – a spiritual death. He remarked that the second death was far more dangerous than the first death that many Rwandans experienced in 1994. He said, “Because then we knew people were dying, we could hear them scream and see the dead bodies. But spiritual death is slow and eternal, people don’t even know they are dying.” He concluded,  “the only way to bring Spiritual life is through the Word of God and that is why I am here.”
How can we get this kind of clear sight?