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Why bother with church?

'You don't have to go to church to be a Christian.' So goes the saying. Actually, for most people, the first half is enough: 'You don't have to go to church'! No. I suppose not. Most of us have not always been 'church-goers'. (In fact, I can remember throwing my rubbish at a couple of 'church-goers' along with everyone else on the bus home from school. They were the definite losers in my mind.)

Plus, there's plenty of reasons why not to go: - it's boring; it's outdated; there's better things to do (like stay in bed. Or watch TV. Or poke your eyes out with a pencil, for that matter.) But don't let past experience or preconceptions or what you saw of it on TV or what people have said put you off. Here's some reasons why it's well worth paying us a visit one Sunday morning, if you don't already come:

[1] You look at the bible. When else would you ever do that? It's a book that's changed the world, shaped so much of our culture, turned countless lives around. To read it and hear it explained, to question it and talk about it - what an opportunity!

[2] We deal with the biggest questions of life - because that's what the bible deals with. Answers to the meaning of life, life after death, why the world is the way it is, why we are the way we are ... and answers that add up. Why shy away from that?

[3] You meet God. ('...Sorry... What? You don't really mean that...') Yes - when 'God's people' get together, God's with them; he speaks through the bible; he hears prayers; he changes our hearts. The first time I was brought to a 'real' church, I was blown away by this. These people really knew something - they really connected with their God - and not in a spooky way, but a warm and strangely natural way. I'd been in churches, cathedrals and all sorts before. But a church where people really engage with God in the bible is something special.

[4] It's not boring. It's the highlight of my week. Our kids, too, look forward to it. In fact, I don't think anyone at Wellfield would say otherwise. (Correct me, if I'm wrong.)

So why not come along soon?!