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"The problem with Halloween is that it's become too commercial. We need to get back to the real meaning of it."

Have you ever thought about what's really going on at Halloween? The historical origins are a bit vague and complicated, but the idea of celebrating witchcraft and dressing up in horror costumes? What are you actually doing?

I know for most people it's "just a bit of fun". But here's a couple of reasons you might want to think twice:

[1] Behind the fun, there is a reality. Witchcraft is real; the occult leads many to open the lid on horrible, unseen spiritual powers that they can't control. For most people in the world, this is blindingly obvious - they experience it daily. Even in Leyland, I've come across several people who are scared out of their wits because they've messed with this stuff and found they're in deeper than they wanted to go. Why do we want our kids playing games with this?

[2] Why would you celebrate what's scary and evil? God has made so much that's good in the world for us to enjoy. In fact, it's all made for our enjoyment (1 Timothy 4:4). Why, then, turn to stuff that twists it and screws it up?

So, sure, have a laugh. Enjoy sweets and pumpkins. But there's a wonderful God who wants to give and give. He's proved it in sending his Son, Jesus, to save us. Why would you not want to enjoy him instead?