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Head over Heels - how to fall in love and land on your feet.

"Why do you suppose the reproductive urge within us is so relevant to cultural survival? It is because the energy that holds societies together is sexual in nature! The physical attraction between men and women causes them to establish families and to invest themselves in their develpoment. It encourages them to work and save and toil to ensure their survival. Their sexual energy provides the impetus for the raising on healthy children and for the transfer of values from one generation to the next....In short, the sexual aspect of our nature- when released exclusively within the family- produces stability and responsibility that would not otherwise occur."

The older that Dr. James Dobson gets, the more valuable, I think, is his wisdom. Here is a man who has been faithful to his wife, and made her a happy lady, for 50 years. This is someone whose advice I take seriously! His newest book "head over Heels - how to fall in love and land on your feet" is pretty short, and at pounds per word comes out as pretty expensive... but you know, maybe he doesn't repeat himself so much these days. Maybe it's pithier, more focussed wisdom. Which, for a guy over 70, is pretty good going in the mental agility stakes.

This is a book that I will be strategically leaving in the kids' bedrooms as they grow older. What great advice for young people embarking upon romantic relationships. He shows our insubstantial characters for what they are, infatuation for what it is, and mature, lasting commitment as the goal we are aiming for. He encourages young people not to sell themselves short when choosing a spouse. And also the consequences for individuals and societies when we don't make the right choices.

He is a Christian, and so knows the power of forgiveness and restoration. He is also a compassionate guy, and unusually for one of his generation, doesn't mind talking about sex, and sexual deviations.

The challenge for us as parents is to have good marriages, and thereby to create stable homes for our children who will invest in the next generation.