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What does your family need?

"In vain you rise early and stay up late, toiling for food to eat - for he grants sleep to those he loves." Psalm 127v1-3.
I've started a diary (not a daily one!). Instead of writing my thoughts on Facebook or a blog, that is (although a bit of hypocrisy here: this is obviously a blog.. but when Mark asked me today if i had anything to write on here, this was the main thing on my mind). I was thinking that it would be good, in 15 years' time, to look back at my diary, at this time of raising young children, and remember the lessons learned, see how I have grown spiritually and as a person, and, importantly remember-what-not-to-say to young mums...

One of my thoughts was this one: that the good things we want for our children are not financial. We want for them a good relationship with God, a safe and loving family, good health, happy self-disciplined characters, and ability to make good and lasting friendships, good food and sustenance, good rest.

Doesn't this take the pressure away from parenting? And it is really hard work, raising children, we are not deluded about that one! - but the anxiety about financial goals and provision for our children is a huge burden to carry, and isn't it great to know that the things that we really care about can only be given directly from God's hand? Whether we have enough money for a university education, nice holidays, whether they "get ahead" of their peers, whether we can afford the right toys and clothes... these things will do nothing to help their characters, and certainly will not guarantee good health and rest.

What a joy to rely on God daily, and not on man.

This was my thought today, and it gave me a happy heart.