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Sunday Club at its best

Last week, the little group of kids were learning about the story in Luke 5:1-11, where Jesus blows the minds of Peter and friends by a miracle fishing trip. (In the words of Zoe (age 4) that evening, 'First, they didn't catch no fish. Then they caught loads of fish!' ...with arms outstretched for emphasis.)

So they were acting out the story with pretend fishing; first time they caught nothing. That's the way the story goes. But Zoe said, 'No, I've caught some crabs.' She wouldn't back down - just insisted she'd caught a net full of crabs. Oh, well. Move on.

Then, when they told the story, they started by saying, 'When we tell the story, just put your hand up if there's anything you don't understand.' Zoe puts her hand up straight away. Leaders pause. What do we do here? Reuben (6) helps out: 'I think she doesn't understand the word 'understand'.'