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Being devoted to... prayer (Acts 2:42)

We all find prayer difficult! It doesn't matter who you are or how long you've been a Christian, prayer simply doesn't come easy to any of us. Maybe that's why the Scriptures tell us to pray - and, as in Acts 2:42, call on us to be devoted to prayer.

There are times when we do pray. We pray at church, at the prayer meeting and at our bible study. We pray when things go wrong. However, if this is the only time we pray, then it isn't being devoted to prayer. This kind of prayer is like only chatting to your partner twice a week and wondering why your relationship isn't going too well. To build and maintain a relationship takes commitment and dedication. It means speaking every day and speaking on a deeper level than just saying 'please can you do this for me'. Being devoted to prayer means, being devoted to God, to your relationship with God. And this is going to take some effort. But the effort is more than worth it.

We have a great privilege as Christians to talk to God; and God guarantees He will listen. So lets grab this privilege with both hands: lets be praying, each and every day. Lets set aside some time during the day just to speak to God - and then on top of that, speak to Him throughout the day: when chatting with a Christian friend; when shopping; when we arrive at work; at the difficult moments; and, of course, thank him when things go right.

This is what it means to be devoted to prayer. So lets encourage one another to start working towards this even this week.

(By Mike)