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Order - not disorder - in God and the church

A quote from D Broughton Knox (The Everlasting God, p69-72) on something we touched on a few weeks ago. I know it takes a while to get your head round it. But in a world that hates the idea of authority it's a good reminder.
"There is order in the Trinity: Father, Son, Spirit. This order does not imply inferiority but is an order among equals... From the doctrine of the Trinity we learn that there is order in ultimate reality. God is a God of order. This suggests that there is also order in created life. If the order of relationships in created life is confused, the relationships will be jarred... Order does not imply subservience or inequality... The Father is greater than the Son, but not as we evaluate greatness, for according to the real values of God the servant is the greatest; subordination is not an indication of inequality but of order. There cannot be subservience where there is complete love, complete other-person-centredness. In the Trinity although there is order there is no dominance on the one hand or subservience on the other, but only a relationship of love.

"... It is especially important that the congregation, which is the outward and visible sign of Christ's church and of the heavenly life, should reflect the principle of equality and order, which is basic to reality itself, so that the rest of society may learn from the way it sees Christians ordering their lives."