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Book review: "How to pray" by RA Torrey

The blokes have just finished reading this on Friday mornings ... and the girls are reading it on Thursday mornings. I'm so pleased it's been reprinted (for just £1!); I have half a shelf full of books on prayer, but not many actually get me praying. This one does.

Torrey was a sidekick to the influential evangelist DL Moody over a hundred years ago. They both had Pentecostal/charismatic leanings, and sometimes I find myself raising my eyebrows at some of his emphases and conclusions. But even when I disagree with him, I find I have to take him seriously - because he always wants to take the Bible seriously, and his love for Christ is so passionate. Whenever we've been discussing the book, we always at least say: '... but he's got a point, hasn't he?'

Torrey's ruthless analysis of bible verses is very challenging. Time and time again we find ourselves knowing that if that's the case, then pray! Motivation and practical advice abound.It's the sort of book to come back to again and again whenever prayer gets sluggish. Thank you Mr. Torrey.