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Humility and Helpfulness

We saw in Romans ch.3 on Sunday how a right view of our sin leads to humility. I've been reading on, and in ch.12 the point is made that humility affects how we relate to one another: "Do not think of yourself more highly than you ought ... each member belongs to all the others." (12:3-5)

What we do affects all the other people in church. Therefore we need to think carefully before every decision and whatever we say.

  • If I spout off against another church member, I'll damage the relationship between the ones I'm speaking to and about.

  • If I'm negative about some activity we're doing, I'll stop others being involved.

What may seem to me like a casual conversation piece can have a big effect on someone. So let's make sure the effect we have is to build up, enthuse, serve their spiritual good - not drag them down. How could you do that at growth group tonight?