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God, the Bible and Homosexuality

Reading through the letter to the 'Romans' in the bible on Sunday mornings has all sorts of challenges. But culturally, the bit on Sunday morning was as tough as it comes: chapter 1, verses 18-32. People don't like the idea of the wrath of God, nor the idea that other points of view to Christianity are a sign of God's judgement. We're not allowed today to make exclusive claims to truth. But perhaps most difficult of all is what's said about homosexuality: that it is a 'perversion'.
People object to these words, or try to get round them in all sorts of ways. But they only make sense in the whole bible picture: that originally God made man and woman to enjoy sex within the context of marriage. It's not that God is anti sex, or trying to spoil our fun. The truth is, he's a generous, fun, good God.

Of course, all sorts of questions are raised (as they were on Sunday) about the nature of homosexuality - and there are wonderful answers for those who will hear. As Christians, our responsibility is to recognise the truth and goodness of God's word, and to lovingly persuade others of it; for Romans chapter 1 is there because the first step to receiving 'salvation' is acknowledging the darkness of the human heart.