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Dog Blog

At the top of the blog page, there's a button that says 'Next Blog'. I didn't know we had another one, so I clicked on it. Turns out, it just takes you to another random blog. I clicked through about 10 or 15 other blogs. What was interesting was not the blogs (no way, mostly...), but that of that small number, three of them - yes, THREE of them! - where about people's dogs!

Now, I like dogs. At least, some dogs. And I like it that people have them at pets, and I'm happy for them to like them. But really, who thinks the world wants to know about their dog? Are these people dyslexic or something? Surely the world wants to know about God, not their Dog.

The order of things as laid out in the Bible is: God, people, animals. So in Genesis 3, as sin enters the world, it is seen in the order being turned upside down. The serpent leads the woman, who leads the man, who both disobey God. It's nice to have pets. But our obsession with pets as a society is a sign of rebellion against God. We care more for flea-ridden muts than we do about the glorious creator of all and giver of life.